Are you ready to take on a Trainee but just do not know how to make it happen? Worried you will just train your competition? How do you know if you are hiring an All-Star Trainee? How do you effectively train a Trainee?

I have trained over 15 appraiser trainees within the past 12 years. It was not always a smooth process and there were many hard lessons that I learned. After years and years of trial and error, I have finally developed a proven system to find All-Star Trainees, an efficient and effective Blueprint to Success training system, and learned how to earn their loyalty so I am not training my competition. I am finally proud of the appraisal company I developed, with successful appraisers who were all trained within the company and generate over $1.5 million in revenue per year, and most of it is passive income. I could not have done all of this without all of the amazing Supervisors who trained me back in the day. Now I am giving back in hopes of helping others succeed, passing along all of the lessons I learned so you do not have to struggle and can hit the ground running! There are so many All-Star Trainee's in-waiting out there and I will help you find them and provide you the tools and know how to create successful and loyal employees so you can grow a $1.5 million+ per year company too. The party is not over! There is still time to make it happen and start earning your passive income today while helping others succeed. You are a knowledgeable appraiser with years of experience. Why not you? The Course is only an hour or so, but is jam packed with useful information for you!